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Effective Denture Maintenance Services in Airdrie

Frequent changes to your oral or medical health can severely affect the fitting and functionality of your dentures. You should visit your denturist at least once a year to ensure that your dentures fit right and last long. Regular check-ups and denture maintenance services help your denturist better understand your oral and denture health and identify issues before they become severe. These oral examinations are also helpful in detecting oral cancer or any other abnormal conditions.


During your visit to our clinic in Airdrie, our denturist will check for signs of broken teeth and thoroughly examine your oral health. The denturist will also examine the condition of your denture. If your denture has deteriorated and is affecting your ability to chew your food or speech, you need to get checked immediately.


What to Expect on Your Visit?

Here are some factors that will be covered during your oral examination:

  • Updation of your dental and medical history

  • Discussion of options available based on your needs

  • Intra-oral examination

  • Aesthetics, stability and bite of the dentures

  • Checking the integrity of the denture

  • Review of your oral hygiene procedures and dental care

  • Cleaning and polishing of your dentures if required

Regular denture check-ups help you avoid further deterioration of your dentures and will save you from the embarrassment of broken or damaged dentures. The denturist at Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd has the skills and equipment to restore your denture to its original shape and condition so that you do not face any discomfort. Please schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

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Extend the Life of Your Denture

With proper care and maintenance, your dentures can last for many years to come.

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