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Get a Happier Smile with Our Partial Dentures Available in Airdrie

Partial dentures are for people with one or a few missing teeth. Unlike complete dentures that replace your complete set of natural teeth, partial dentures are used to fill in the gaps left behind by a few missing teeth. 

At Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd, you can book a free consultation in Airdrie to discuss your denture needs with our denturist. Our denturist will assess the spaces and gaps where your natural teeth used to be and suggest the right denture. If you are the right candidate for partial dentures, the denturist will take a precise mould to ensure your dentures fit seamlessly with the rest of your existing natural teeth.

Partial dentures

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures consist of artificial teeth attached to a base placed in the area of your mouth that is missing one or more teeth. These dentures are used when a bridge does not seem to be a suitable option. The gaps between your teeth are filled with replacement teeth attached to a pink plastic base to apply partial dentures. This helps in keeping the dentures in place. 


Just like complete dentures, eating while wearing your partial dentures is convenient once you get comfortable with them. You may find chewing uncomfortable in the initial stages, but it does get better with time. As you learn to adjust with your partial denture, cut your choice of food into smaller pieces and avoid sticky or gummy foods.

seamless pattern with dental pattern

We Have the Perfect Denture Solution for You

You can trust our denturist to fix your smile even after losing a few teeth.

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