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Experienced Denturist for Perfect Immediate Dentures in Airdrie

If your teeth are extracted, it is best to have dentures inserted directly after the procedure. The process helps you avoid any potentially awkward situation of going without teeth for an extended period. The dentures that are used for such cases are called immediate dentures. Immediate dentures help you leave the clinic with a comfortable fitting set of permanent dentures that enhance your oral health and appearance.

At Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd, we understand your concerns and offer high-quality immediate dentures. With our quick and efficient services, you can get your teeth pulled and dentures done on the same day. Please book a free consultation with our denturist to understand more about immediate dentures.

The Procedure to Get Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are necessary when your remaining teeth are extracted. Getting immediate dentures starts with your denturist taking an impression of your teeth and gums before the extraction. This impression is then used to accurately create working models of your new dentures. The dentures are placed when your natural teeth are extracted. With immediate dentures, you can avoid going without teeth during post-operative healing. 


While you are healing from the tooth extraction and insertion process, the oral tissues in your mouth, consisting of the gums and bones, will shrink into small-sized tooth sockets. This contraction of the tissues may require you to have a few adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit. Hence, it is suggested that you make frequent visits to your denturist for regular check-ups and maintenance during this period.

Tips to Maintain Your Dentures

It is recommended you keep the immediate dentures in your mouth for the first 48 hours after your teeth have been extracted. Most doctors recommend wearing the immediate dentures continuously for the first week, after which you can remove them for cleaning.


At first, you may feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable adjusting to the initial fit and function of your denture. Try cutting your food into smaller pieces. Doing this may help you find a comfortable and convenient way of eating your food with your new denture. Please avoid chewing sticky, hard or gummy foods.

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No Embarrassment

We help you leave the clinic with your complete smile even after tooth extraction.

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