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Woman's hand holding an invisible orthodontics made of silicone to put it inside its pink protective cover.

Helping the Residents of Airdrie with High-quality Dental Appliances

At Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd, you get everything to keep your smile looking amazing. We are committed to providing you with comfortable and practical solutions to your dental problems. Whatever your needs are, we would love to help you. We have a range of mouthguards and nightguards to help you keep your smile protected from teeth grinding or injury. These essential dental appliances need a dedicated place on your bedside table or sports kit to keep your teeth safe. 

If you suffer from teeth grinding or are involved in sports like basketball or baseball, connect with us in Airdrie to get the right dental appliances.

Young male putting mouthguard before boxing sparring training

Sports Mouthguards

A sports mouthguard is a simple dental appliance used by sportspeople to prevent any damage to their teeth while playing sports. Athletes use sports guards to protect their teeth from injuries.


If you are involved in contact sports like basketball, baseball, or football, there’s a chance of enduring a facial injury which could impact or damage your teeth. In such cases, you must wear a mouth guard during competition to ensure your teeth are protected. At Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd, we provide custom fitting for mouth guards. Our denturist will ensure that your mouthguard fits you perfectly and comfortably before you leave the office. The mouthguards we offer are of superior quality and effective in protecting your teeth from any damage.

Night Guards

A lot of people clench and grind their teeth unknowingly, causing pressure on the jaw joint. This pressure can cause serious issues over time, like joint disorders, tension headaches, and worn teeth surfaces. The involuntary grinding of teeth in your sleep is known as bruxism. A night guard is a perfect solution to avoid any damage to your teeth due to grinding or clenching. 


As with sports guards, our denturist will provide a custom-fit night guard that fits comfortably and securely.


Whether you need a sports mouthguard or just a night guard, call or email us today to schedule a free consultation!

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Protect Your Teeth from Injury

Mouthguards are a boon to all those who are fond of contact sports but fear tooth injury.

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