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Our complete dentures can help improve your chewing ability and speech and enhance your overall oral health and quality of life if you have lost your natural teeth.


We offer personalized partial dentures that can prevent the shifting of your remaining teeth and help restore natural function and appearance if you are missing one or more teeth.


Immediate dentures can provide you with immediate replacement of your missing teeth and help you avoid the need for a prolonged waiting period without teeth.


Implants are a permanent solution for your missing teeth that offer benefits such as improved oral health, as well as a natural-looking appearance and long-term durability.


Our dental appliances can help you protect your teeth, reduce snoring, and improve sleep quality for patients with various oral health concerns.


Denture repairs and relines can help you restore the functionality and comfort of your existing dentures and provide a cost-effective solution to address common denture-related concerns.


Regular dental check-ups and maintenance services can help you prevent and identify potential oral health issues early and promote optimal dental health.

Experienced Denturists in Airdrie for Personalized Denture Care

Are you looking for a full-service denture clinic in Airdrie? Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd offers a full range of denture services for all ages. Our denturist takes great pride in offering personalized denture services to suit your unique needs. Our customized services are focused on helping you get a very comfortable denture care experience in Airdrie.


You can depend on Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd to save yourself from the embarrassment and trouble of missing teeth. Our dentures are fabricated from high-quality materials to provide a comfortable and safe bite. We can help you with: 

At Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd, we have multiple denture options to help you get your smile back. Schedule an appointment with our denturist to determine the right option for your needs.

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Creating a Comfortable Experience

At Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd, we understand the irritation and frustration that builds up when you have to wait for your dentures. To counter this concern, we have designed an on-site lab that helps us provide you with quick and accurate delivery of your dentures and dental appliances. Our on-site lab also helps us to provide you with quick denture relines and repairs. You can count on our skilled and experienced denturists to fabricate your new dentures as quickly as possible. We also offer a 24-hour answering service to ensure you get the care and attention you deserve.

Working for Your Convenience

We make it easier for you to pay for your dentures by providing you with the option of direct billing. With direct billing, you can avoid the hassle of dealing with endless paperwork. We take all insurance and government programs. Additionally, we offer 100% coverage for veterans and social services.

Denture Adjustments

At Airdrie Denture Centre Ltd, we understand that as time passes, your jaw may change, and your dentures may no longer fit properly. This can cause discomfort and reduce their effectiveness. If you need to adjust your dentures, simply call us to schedule an appointment.


Our dental practice has been providing a wide range of denture-related services since 1994. Whether you need new partial or complete dentures or simply need to have your existing ones adjusted, repaired, relined, polished, or cleaned, we're here to help. Our centers are warm and comfortable, and we offer convenient wait times for these services.

If you have any questions about denture implants or want more information about our centers, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help and will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

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Our clients have some great things to say about us. Please read our client reviews here.

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5 stars

Confident in My New Smile

“Zine, Bonnie and Anna are all such amazing, kind, and caring people. I could go on how wonderful they are. Zine made me feel comfortable, and confident not only in my new smile, but with the treatment I received. After years of lack of confidence, and pain, Zine changed that in a matter of weeks. Thank you Airdrie Denture Centre for everything you've done to help me! :)”

- Carrie

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